Policy and terms

Mylyrics.pro is a website to share lyrics content.

All data sources on the website are collected on the internet and also posted by users.

All resources on the website are free, we do not charge any fees from website users.

The resources on the website are not owned by us, we only collect them and re-share them through the website, so if you find that something is your own, and you do not If you want them to appear on this website, please send us information via https://mylyrics.pro/contact. They will handle it as soon as possible.

We use Google Analytics tool of google to measure the traffic to the website, to evaluate and improve the website, as well as to improve the user experience.

We do use cookies as a fundamental part of our website to record a user's login session, if they are logged in on our website.

In addition, the website also embeds some other 3rd party resources such as javascript, css, or image libraries. These libraries help us improve new features. These libraries may collect user information in a similar way to a user visiting their website.

We may also use Cloudflare's services (https://www.cloudflare.com/) to optimize certain website criteria, as well as other security issues that CloudFlare supports. As a result, CloudFlare may also collect user data in accordance with their policies.

All of the above are for the purpose of protecting and speeding up the website, optimizing the user experience, we do not intend to use this data for any other purpose.

Any comments please contact us here: https://mylyrics.pro/contact